Greetings from the Vodka Sea

greetings from the vodka seaGreetings from the Vodka Sea. A chess-playing doctor loses his wife to a charismatic psychologist during a sensuous group sex session masquerading as therapy. A social climbing adulterer contemplates the seduction of a middle-aged woman he once loved but who may now expose him. Personal histories rub up against present relationships. Paths cross, whether by accident or design. Polished veneers hide deeper truths. A prim English bride honeymooning near the so-called Vodka Sea learns the hard way why it’s better not to drink the water in foreign parts. . . .

Bitterly funny and filled with lusty, rueful, comical, calculating, and even affectionate sex, Gudgeon’s eleven cosmopolitan stories explore the chasm between loving and being loved in return.


Praise for Greetings from the Vodka Sea:

“Gudgeon has emerged as a major new talent in Canadian fiction . . .”

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“ . . .stories so unique that it’s near impossible to draw them under one clean phrase.”

Quill & Quire

Quill & Quire Review of Greetings From The Vodka Sea

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