Out of this World: The Natural History of Milton Acorn

Out of this World: The Natural History of Milton Acorn is the first full study of a Canadian classic. Christopher Gudgeon pieces together a complete biography, original interviews and photographs, and a beautiful collection of poems to capture the mysterious yet star-like Milt Acorn. Out of this World traces the poet’s journey through what was a Canadian literally boxing ring. Gudgeon retells the drama beautifully: it milt.jpgincludes all the hero’s and villains of Acron’s time in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver; the hard-fought battles with major academics and members of the literary world; and the victories symbolizes in the deep friendship between Acorn and Al Purdy. His poetry was political and humanist. His personality was the same. Out of this World thrillingly captures the wild life of Milton Acron—or as much as paper pages could capture from such a beautiful man. 

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