Song of Kosovo

Song of Kosovo songs of kosovois a novel that is as witty as it is profound, Christopher Gudgeon delivers both the story of a young man coming of age during the Balkan wars of the late1990s and a meditation on faith, history, and love.  Zavida Zanković’s world is coming undone. Caught up in the insanity of war and the capers of a manic, larger-than-life father, Zavida awaits trial for a dizzying array of charges — Fomenting Treason, Impersonating a Prisoner, Providing Material Support for a Terrorist Organization, Consorting with History — Zavida picks up the threads of his past to spin an audacious narrative at once hilarious and heartbreaking.


Praise for Song of Kosovo:

“a remarkable first novel. . . . It is exhilarating to see a new Canadian novelist attempt a work this ambitious.”

Julian Gunn,

“Riotously funny.”

               Winnipeg Review

“. . . a perfectly executed literary conceit.”

                  BC Bookworld


Song of Kosovo Review
Flight of Fancy: Love, rage, war and frustration against a Balkan backdrop

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