The Naked Truth: The Untold Story of Sex in Canada

The Naked Truth avoids the humble Canadian histories full of proper folk or hockey legends and focuses something much richer: the untold story othe naked tructhf sex in Canada. As Gudgeon tells it, Canada has a history under the red and white sheets, and it is every bit as scandalous as one could imagine (maybe). Luckily, The Naked Truth is as informative as it is entertaining. Full of original interviews with historians, sociologist and “sexperts” of the like, the book highlights Canada’s controversial episodes like the Munsinger Affair and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s address about the bedrooms of a nation. It discusses sex-related laws in Canada, major cases and the sexual revolution. Gudgeon brings us from nude beaches, strip clubs and gay bars to porn films, sex shops and awkward conversations—from takes us from coast to coast—to tell of Canada’s sexual identity.

Available Here

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