You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are: A Demotivational Guide

youre-noYou’re Not As Good As You Think You Are: A Demotivational Guide. You imagine yourself to be pretty grand, don’t you? That you are part of some greater narrative; God’s gift to the world, if you would. And you would. However, it is likely that you are wrong, and if it hasn’t eaten you up yet, it is definitely getting on everyone’s nerves. Luckily, your problem is fixable. What is the problem? Well, you’re just too good. That’s the problem. You’re too pumped up, too motivated. You need to come back down to earth; get off your high horse if you would (and you should). You need to realize that when all is said and done, you are little more than a speed bump on this highway called life. So how about a crash corse in demotivational psychology?
You’re Not As Good As You Think You Are is an important addition to the field of self-help literature. Based on the exemplary work of “Sugar” Roy Carboyle, a self-taught therapist, the book offers a user-friendly guide to building a less significant you. Each chapter is filled with theory, real-life examples and analysis, and valuable “Mental Exercises” designed to help you hone your self-effacing skills as you strive to be the least you can be.

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